Artist: Erick Fakambi

* 1969 in Loé, Togo

In order to follow his original inspiration, he refused to go to arts academies and deliberately remained an autodidact. Doudey Erick Fakambi works as a painter and a body painter. He is a member of the traditional Voodoon percussion ensemble, 'Petao Africa'.



Woman, you are the well of life and its protection – well of happiness, joy and peace – the future of this world.

Oh, you my daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, let me dry your tears.

You, who always has to work – often twice as much, before you are accepted.

You are the first victim of the war – whether it is lost or won.

Oh woman, you are the one who has to cry for a husband, for a child or a father.

Oh my God – as if all this was not enough yet.

You are the one who needs to protect the unborn child in your womb.

Oh my God – how long is this going to last?

You, nature has given you the greatest gift of all – the maternal instinct – an instinct that our dying, unjust and blind world needs nowadays.

Oh woman – with all your perseverance and power.

I think nature has not created anything more fair-minded and perfect than what you are.

Erick Fakambi

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