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Buddy Bear Berlin and Charity Activities
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Buddy Bear Berlin and Charity Activities

Since 2002, many Buddy Bears have been auctioned off at individual events, including an auction by our German Federal President, Christina Rau, on public TV by Michael Schanze, in the World Cup Studio by Wolf-Dieter Poschmann. Among other things, a Buddy Bear was auctioned off in Los Angeles at the German Consulate General supported by Thea Gottschalk, Elke Sommer and Uschi Obermeier to benefit "School Classes for Afghanistan". Further auctions were held by e.g., Prof. Stölzl or Bishop Dr. Huber.

Several Buddy Bears were auctioned on eBay, among them a unique Buddy Bear designed by the world-famous mural artist Thierry Noir. The proceeds benefited the children's project "Die Arche".

In addition to the large auctions of unique items from the circle of United Buddy Bears, which have so far all taken place in German-speaking countries, there are sometimes auctions far outside Germany: in April 2005, three Buddy Bears were auctioned in Istanbul; three more were auctioned in Sydney in 2006; in 2012, there were United Buddy Bears auctions in both Tokyo and St. Petersburg. Marianne Freifrau von Weizsäcker took over the patronage at the big Buddy Bear auction in 2016 at the Mercedes-Welt am Salzufer in Berlin. Auctioneer was - as so often before - Julia Theurkauf.

United Buddy Bears Charity Activities Buddy Bear Berlin Charity Activities United Buddy Bears Charity Activities

We are pleased that through these and other individual activities Buddy Bear Berlin was able to generate the following proceeds for children's charities with your support
more than 2,567.000 € (June 2024)!

190.600 € – Museum for Communication, Berlin (05.11.2002)
171.333 € – Mercedes-World at Salzufer, Berlin (30.01.2003)
  44.900 € – Hotel Zur Tenne, Kitzbuehel (20.02.2004)
447.000 € – Viktoria Park, Hongkong (15.05.2004)
  60.234 € – St. Gallen (21.10.2006)
  66.733 € – Berlin Marriott Hotel (07.11.2006)
  81.970 € – Breuninger, Stuttgart 2008 (12.11.2008)
  71.533 € – Nikolaikirche Berlin 2010 (11.11.2010)
  40.000 € – UBB-The Minis, Osnabrueck (26.07.2011)
  71.300 € – Kuala Lumpur Marriott Hotel (16.02.2012)
  51.200 € – Martin Luther Forum Ruhr (28.04.2013)
107.250 € – Mercedes-World at Salzufer (Berlin 15.11.2016)
  43.400 € – Zoo Osnabrueck and Children's Charity Gala (23.11.2019)

as well as more than 1,120,000 € in other Buddy Bear Berlin activities.

United Buddy Bears Charity in Hongkong with Jackie Chan Buddy Bear Berlin Charity with UNICEF-Ambassador Sabine Christiansen Buddy Bear Berlin Charity at Breuninger

In addition to the events mentioned in the overview, there were and are numerous individual activities, large or small Buddy Bear Berlin events, painting competitions with Buddy Bear Berlin, donations, income from the sale of Buddy Bear catalogs, big Buddy Bear Berlin blanks, Buddy Bear Berlin miniatures and much more.

Since 2002 the following children's charities have been considered in the activities:

In addition, the following children's aid organizations have benefited, among others

  • Cabuwazi-Children´s Circus, Berlin,
  • Children of Stiftung Deutsche Schlaganfallhilfe,
  • Children´s Center "Ottokar e.V". Berlin,
  • Children´s Club of Freizeithaus at Mauerpark,
  • Kindergarten "Fuggerstraße e.V.", Berlin,
  • Integration Project e.V. at Bund Deutscher Boys Scouts,
  • "Children in Danger" (Non-profit child and youth welfare),
  • of the German Non-profit child and youth welfare (Children welfare and street children projects),
  • Sterntaler e.V., Berlin,
  • "Support association for highly gifted children e.V.",
  • "LABUDE", Berlin,
  • Baerenherz-Stiftung, Wiesbaden,
  • Laughing Hearts e.V.,
  • Association KinderHerz,
  • GAGU-Zwergenhilfe e.V. (for the orphanage “Home of Hope” in Sierra Leone),
  • Kijuba – I can do it (a psychological offer for children of parents with cancer),
  • gecko e.V., the sponsoring association of the Christian Children's Hospital Osnabrueck,
  • TrauerZeit - Center for Grieving Children and Families Berlin,
  • Foundation for the promotion of foster children Berlin,
  • "Room to Read", Zurich,
  • Disabled Children's Center, Havanna,
  • Cristo Vive, Santiago de Chile,
  • Children´s Hospital, Riga
  • and so many others more.