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Buddy Bear Berlin supports Children's Charity
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Buddy Bear Berlin supports Children's Charity

For many years Buddy Bear Berlin has been supporting children's aid organizations in Berlin and worldwide, with a wide variety of activities and appeals for donations. The Buddy Bears Berlin and help for children in need have formed an inseparable unit from day one. Below you will find an overview as well as further information on the selected initiatives that we continuously support.

Buddy Bear Help

“Every cent for the children“ – with this guiding principle, the “Buddy Bear Help e.V.“ guarantees that 100 per cent of all donations and auction proceeds are used for the individual projects helping children in need. All organisational and administrative costs are covered by the members of the charitable association.

With the aim to provide fast and unbureaucratic help for children in need in the native countries of the Buddy Bear artists, we have been able to realise many projects since the association was founded in 2004. To name just a few: Financing life-saving heart operations in La Paz (Bolivia) as well as several school projects providing ongoing support for individual children in Jamaica and Sri Lanka and for schools in Nigeria. Two very special projects made it possible to build schools in Malawi and in Tanzania.

In 2009, we decided to include Berlin in our association’s range of activities. We actively supported the creation of a new location for the children & youth centre DIE ARCHE. Since the official opening in September 2009, the Buddy Bear Help e.V. has paid the rent for the premises of this new ARCHE in Berlin-Wedding

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Buddy Bear Help e.V.
Account number 6 156 103 000
Weberbank (BLZ 101 201 00)

IBAN: DE53 1012 0100 6156 1030 00

Buddy Bear Help supports families in Berlin
Buddy Bear Help for children in need
Buddy Bear Help supports refugees and their families


The United Nations Children’s Fund UNICEF with around 7,000 members of staff supports children in need in 190 countries. For more than 70 years, the organisation has advocated school education, medical care, clean drinking water and an adequate diet for children. That way, UNICEF saves more than 7 million children’s lives every year!

The United Buddy Bears and helping children in need have formed an inseparable unit. A long-standing partnership between the Buddy Bär Berlin GmbH and UNICEF has developed on the basis of this social and charitable commitment.

In the context of the United Buddy Bear exhibitions, we provide UNICEF with the opportunity to raise funds in aid of children in need and to highlight UNICEF projects. In addition, various Buddy Bear activities such as auctions continuously generate funds which go directly to UNICEF and enable the Buddy Bär Berlin GmbH to raise people’s awareness for children in need, thus providing the help that is so urgently required.

Here you can learn more about UNICEF.

United Buddy Bears and Unicef in Argentina
Buddy Bear Berlin and Unicef in Berlin
Buddy Bear with Unicef staff in Sydney

“Die Arche“ – Children & Youth Centre

Since the start of our charity activities, "Die ARCHE" has continuously received donations generated by Buddy Bear Berlin. The Buddy Bear Help e.V. supported the opening of a new ARCHE site in Berlin-Wedding in September 2009. The association Buddy Bear Help e.V. pays the rental charges for this institution.

The work of  “Die Arche“ follows a holistic approach, trying to help children and young people to “move away from the streets“. Children and young people who – due to various social problems – would normally not get a warm meal at their homes can eat this meal here. “Die Arche“ also provides help with their homework, offers activities for their free time, acts as an intermediary to find work placements and apprenticeships for young people and provides individual support through carers who look after the children and young people.

DIE ARCHE – christliches Kinder- und Jugendwerk e.V.
ARCHE site in Wedding: Brienzer Str. 22, 13407 Berlin
Contact ARCHE Wedding Tel. +49 (0) 30 92259557
Contact for the entire project: Bernd Siggelkow

Buddy Bear Berlin Charity Arche
Buddy Bear Berlin Charity Die Arche says "Thank you"

TrauerZeit – Zentrum für trauernde Kinder und Familien Berlin Brandenburg e.V.

Death – especially premature death due to sudden serious illness, cancer, suicide, accidents and other traumatic circumstances – quite regualrly affects young people in Germany. However, the way this taboo subject is dealt with still causes those affected to slip into a life crisis with considerable social, psychological and physical consequences due to a lack of help and offers in the healthcare system and in society.

The center as the only institution in the region of Berlin and Brandenburg is contacted almost daily by affected young people and the offers urgently need to be expanded and extended. Buddy Bear Berlin supports the Center for Grieving Children and Families.

Information about the "Zentrum für trauernde Kinder und Familien in Berlin" can be found at

Buddy Bear support for children