Special Buddy Bears

Buddy Bear Kicker
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Buddy Bear Kicker

It is almost impossible to choose the most beautiful from the multitude of Classic Buddy Bears created so far.
Also, because the styles, the artistic signatures, the motives, and the stories behind the Buddy Bears are too different. Nevertheless, in the more than 20 years since the Buddy Bear Berlin sculpture was created, some particularly spectacular and extraordinary Buddy Bears and installations have been created.
You can find some of them in the picture galleries below.

Buddy Bear Quadriga

Permanent installation at Kranzler Eck

Buddy Bear Quadriga, Opening Buddy Bear Quadriga, Opening, Governing Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, Actress Rebecca Lina, and District Mayor Monika Thiemen Buddy Bear Quadriga, Opening with Mayor Wowereit and Actress Rebecca Lina

Buddy Bear Kicker

Temporary Installation during the World Cup 2006

Giant Temporary Buddy Bear Kicker in Berlin Giant Buddy Bear Kicker Buddy Bear Kicker with Soccer Player Michael Preetz

Buddy Bear Highlights

Special Buddy Bears of the Past Decades

Giant illuminated Buddy Bear during Christmas Season A Disco Bear (#70) made from little mirrors Buddy Bear made of grass at the Estonian Embassy in Berlin