The United Buddy Bears

The Art of Tolerance

United Buddy Bears on world tour in Helsinki
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United Buddy Bears on world tour in Helsinki

An idea on its tour around the world!

"We have to get to know each other better ...
... it makes us understand one another better,
trust each other more, and live together more peacefully."

Under this motto, the United Buddy Bears promote people living together in peace and harmony on their global tour. Around 140 Buddy Bears (each 2 m tall) represent as many members of the United Nations.

Since the Bears first went on display in Berlin in 2002, more than 45 million visitors worldwide have been able to enjoy the United Buddy Bears message of peace and understanding.

Art and Culture

The design of each 2-m-tall Buddy Bear was created by an artist native to each country. The international artists’ different approaches come together in a monumental work of art, spreading a message of peace and optimism. The diverse design of the Buddy Bears – each a perfect ambassador for their respective country – allows visitors to take a virtual journey around the globe.

The Message

The Buddy Bears stand together “hand in hand”, symbolising a future vision of a peaceful world. Each Bear represents the people of each country and its unique culture, yet not political systems.


Buddy Bear activities and aid for children in need have formed an inseparable unit. To date, more than 2.5 million Euros have been raised through donations and auctions in aid of UNICEF and local children’s relief organisations.

Current exhibition

at the Tierpark Berlin from 2nd July 2020 till September of 2023 

Most recent exhibition

Guatemala - Antigua: April 25 till May 12, 2019 and Guatemala City: May 17 till June 2, 2019