Artist: Suikô Shimon

* Kyoto (Japan)

1965-1967 Medicine studies in Kyoto
1972-1977 Art studies at the Saga University of Arts in Kyoto
1986 Saga University of Arts in Germany
1990 Professor at the Saga University of Arts in Germany
1990-1994 Calligraphy lecturer at the University of the Arts, Berlin
1999 Bokudo lecturer (abstract calligraphy, tea ceremony and ikebana at the Humboldt University in Berlin
2002 Humboldt University Award for teaching excellence, Berlin
2004-2006 Member of the Tacheles art house, Berlin


Hopelessness fades through the wind's murmur.

People who have lost all happiness and dreams are like dry grass on the fields of life.

If a wind comes and drives grey clouds away or keeps a fire kindling, then light is allowed to fall on the landscape once again.

Just as the wind blows new life into the countryside the feeling of love brightens the days and nights of those of us who are without hope and consolation, those left without any belief at all.

This is why the wind is symbolic of love both in in Buddhist and Japanese poetry doctrine.

Shogonsai Suikô Shimon-Simon.

Sponsor: Botschaft von Japan