Artist: George Dundua

Born in 1977 in Tbilissi, Georgia.
1992 – 1994 studies at „Toidze“ secondary art school, Tbilissi
1994 – 2000 studies at Tbilissi State Academy of Arts
2000 – 2002 photographer for different art magazines and cultural newspapers
2011 – 2012 studies at IN.D Institute of Design Hamburg and Berlin
since 2002 freelance artist and photographer in Georgia and Germany (e.g for H&M, DEKOM, Lichthof- Theater Hamburg)


"I wanted to create the bear abstractly with layers of colors as Georgian nature, history and culture is - in all its diversity with sea, mountains, deserts, steppes and forests, with different languages, songs, wine varieties and ethnicities, showing the very colorful and multi-layered character of my country. Georgians are very hospitable and have a very big heart for other people, especially for the Ukrainian people in these difficult times of war - all this is reflected in the colors and multi-layered technology. Georgia is like its own universe, a magical place in this world that everyone is captivated by - a slice of this universe is shown on the bear."

-George Dundua