Artist: Laila Holm & Vivianne H. Nustad

Laila Holm

Born 1951 in Norway

1973 Master of Fine Arts: State Trade and Industrial Art School

She lives just outside Oslo and has been working as illustrator, costume designer at theater, featurefilms and danceperformances.

Vivianne H. Nustad

Born 1953 in Sweden

1979 Master of Fine Arts: The Institute of Dramatic Art

1999 Bachelor of Fine Arts: Art School of NVS, painting

She lives in Höganäs in the southern part of Sweden. She is working as makeupdesigner at the Theatre of Helsingborg and on featurefilms. Vivianne has participated in several exhibitions in Sweden as a painter.



We have been working together on several projects in Norway over the last twenty years.

Our Buddy Bear is the first arts project we are working on together, which confronts us with two different ways of expression. This creates contrasts in an interesting, exciting and enjoyable way.

We wanted to capture the moods and the light of the dramatic mountains and fjord landscapes of the West coast of Norway.

Laila was born and she grew up there. In this environment people often seem very small. The scenery hasn't be touched for thousands and thousands of years.

Two original Norwegian rock carvings have been painted on the bear.

The Buddy Bear is a sort of artefact and a symbol of ancient history, wild landscapes and a joint, new future.

Vivienne H. Nustad & Laila Holm

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