Artist: Valeriu Kurtu

* 1956 in Ungeny Moldova

1982: Graduated from the College of Cinematography, Moscow

1987: Course for Directors and Script Writers, Moscow

Lives in Berlin since 1994 and works as an independent artist, Member of the FECO (Federation of European Charicaturists Union).

Winner of many First Prizes, including Petrshani (Romania), Olen (Belgium), Edingburg (Scotland), Bordighera (Italy), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Porto (Portugal).



Moldova's bear tells several satiric stories which happened during the last twenty years.

Moldova is a green land, which explains the bear's colouring. In my opinion Moldova has the best red wine; a famous traveller once called it "small Switzerland".

Moldova is a small country. This is why I put it in the centre of a world map. At the same time I would like to convey the beauty of this country to the viewer, by way of the employed colours and the architectural motifs.

Valeriu Kurtu

Sponsor: WGLi Wohnungsgenossenschaft Lichtenberg e.G.