Artist: Gabriel Hermida

* 17.03.1965 Acayucan, Veracruz/Mexico

1980: Art college, Puebla/Mexico

1982: Art and communication science, Veracruz/Mexico

1986: Graphic arts and art pedagogy, Villahermosa/Mexico

1989: University of applied science for communication science and graphic design, Hildesheim/Germany

1993: Art College Weissensee Berlin/Germany

1981 - 2003 Exhibitions:

Mexico, Germany, Austria, Argentina

1997 - 2003 Stage Design:

Volksbühne, Kammeroper Rheinsberg, Deutsches Theater, „Carnival of cultures“ (Berlin)



The Mexican bear is dressed in large green leaves. This symbolises the tropical vegetation in large parts of Mexico. We can see the wide landscape through bushes and leaves. It's the landscape the Aztecs were dreaming of when immigrating into Mexico. Through mythology the wandering Aztec people were predicted to settle where an eagle fights with a snake in the middle of a lake. That's where the Aztecs founded today's Mexico City. We can see the lake in a valley surrounded by mountains and volcanoes. The bear is wearing a sun as a mask. It's a smiling sun shining very brightly. In Mexican mythology the sun as a circle is a holy symbol.

Sun, trees, leaves, water, sky and mountains are symbols of freedom, tolerance and fraternity. The mussels and fishes stand for luck, harvest and fertility.

Gabriel Hermida

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