Artist: Anne Elisabeth Østergaard

Born: June 19th, 1959 in Denmark

Next to Painting, Theatre work and Project work (in Copenhagen, Hat Exhibitons (in Billund, Copenhagen, Faröer Islandd and Berlin)Fashion shows in (Faröer Islands, Copenhagen and Berlin) as well as own lecture concepts (including fashion school Else Saran in Copenhagen)


Fairy-tale kingdom

I got my inspiration from the great Danish fairy-tale writer, Hans Christian Andersen (1805 – 1875). He travelled around the whole world and for a while lived in Nyhavn, the oldest port in the centre of Copenhagen.

“The Little Mermaid“ by Hans Christian Andersen is a well-known fairy tale. It can be admired as a sculpture in Copenhagen, sitting on a rock in the sea.

Soft ice-cream is a speciality in Denmark. Ice-cream with a wafer, with a complexity of flavours – perfect if combined with a fairy tale and a trip to the old funfair, the Tivoli.

The whale on the back of the bear is a symbol of Greenland, the beautiful white island – a piece of Denmark in the Greenland Sea.

The bear’s green colour is reminiscent of the Faroe Islands, a group of islands in the Atlantic Oceans belonging to Denmark, where you can experience the fairy-tale kingdom. Nature is incredibly green there and the landscape is luminescent.

The bear is standing in the sea with both legs. In his eyes, you can see a reflection of boats. The sea is of great significance for Denmark, a country with over 400 islands, largely surrounded by the sea.

Anne Elisabeth Östergaard

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