Artist: Maria Cristina Iglesias

* 1943 in Buenos Aires

Exhibitions in: Buenos Aires, Rosario, La Plata, Stuttgart, Nancy




The colours from North to South… and the vastness of the country

nature talking to us.

About the tranquillity of the North

Indigenous people with round faces and dreamy, oceanic eyes…

Of the wind caressing the grapes…

coming in from the pampas

directly into the large city of Buenos Aires…

Smog…music…dance… filled with temperament.

For me, the images covering the bear

talk about nature and idealism…

such joy and melancholy… a pure tango!

These colours recite a poem by Borges

Or sing the operita “Maria de Buenos Aires“ by Piazzolla.

Every colour like a musical note of the bandoneón …

Every colour ending in the “Solitude of the South“

between white and blue.

María Cristina Iglesias