Artist: Wambui Mwangi-Baal

*1969 Nairobi, Kenya
1991-1992: Studied at Surikov Art Institute Moscow
1992-1994: Textile Academy Kosigina
1994-1999: University of Arts Berlin, Winchester School of the Arts (UK), Institute Français de la mode (France)
2001-2004: Jazz Radio
Since 2006: Radiohaus Berlin
Exhibitions: Frankfurt am Main, Berlin


Kenya, a country in East Africa, shares one of its borders with the Indian Ocean. The Kenyan bear shows different faces of Kenya. On the front side you see the face of a Moran with jewellery and body paint. On the back side of the bear are openings, and when you look through the windows, you see scenes of some of the world's richest wilderness areas and some of Kenya's rarest creatures. Kenya is a favorite destination for travellers from around the world especially the coastal area, which is famous for its ruins eg. Fort Jesus and also for miles of whitesand beaches and high soaring palmtrees. Also to be seen through the openings on the bear are sculptures, painting, Flamingo birds, beautiful people of all walks of life and magnificent scenery all embellished in regular sunshine. The KICC (Kenyatta International Confrence Center) also to be seen is a land mark in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. Not to be overlooked is the apparel, beadwork and jewellery that gives the bear a beautiful final touch. The flag of kenya is depicted on the bears head from the backside.

Wambui Mwangi-Baal