Artist: Herbert Buchs

* 1952 in Bern, Switzerland



Switzerland - a complex, multi-layered country where people quickly realise that it cannot be reduced to a few clichés such as clocks, cows, mountains and chocolate.

In fact, Switzerland is far too diverse to be able to characterise it in an artistic way. Timeless art is generated by omission and by having the creative freedom to depict a country that has developed out of liberty, free will, continuity and continuous growth. The red bear with its paste-like structure symbolises a vibrant, lively and strong Switzerland. The horizontal annual rings reflect whether a year was „fortunate, rainy or dry“.

These white rings show the essence of a long, direct democracy. They are filigree towards the top and the bottom and thick in the middle. The head and the foot are left free for new additions!

White rings – in complete harmony with Switzerland’s neutrality and the long-lasting humanitarian tradition of the country, the “United Buddy Bears” and of UNICEF.

Herbert Buchs

Sponsor: Botschaft der Schweizerischen Eidgenossenschaft