Saudi Arabia

Artist: Zaman Jassim

* 1971 in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

1989 Art Education Diploma at Art Institute, Riyadh

Member of Bahrain Art Society

He has won many prizes in Saudi Arabia e.g. at Saudi contemporary art Exhibition.

Solo and group exhibitions in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Germany, Taiwan, Hungary etc.




The joint origin of the cultures of Saudi Arabia and their local and regional differences are united in my artistic work.

The doors of Saudi Arabia are a symbol of noble-mindedness, generosity, hospitality and a strong sense of tradition. At the same time, this also incorporates another dimension – peace and acceptance of others.

The traditional, engraved ornaments of the doors allow an insight into the art of the different regions of Saudi Arabia. The soul of all regions of the kingdom – left to us as cultural heritage by our grandfathers – is reflected in the patterns of prayer carpets and women’s traditional costumes.

The earth was a source of inspiration for me – with its unswerving energy and its spiritual dimension. My work establishes a relationship between my current experiences and a hint of modernity, having accepted changes and conflicts.

I experience the intensity of colours in connection with space and time. Under the influence of the sun, that has as strong an impact on me as the moon has on the tides, I produce clear and sumptuous colours, but also calmer colours.

Zaman M. Jassim

Sponsor: Botschaft des Königreichs Saudi-Arabien