Central African Republic

Artist: Patrick Pelenzi

* 1971

Since his childhood, he has been well acquainted with music and sculpture, both parents were artists themselves.

On his many journeys, he learned diverse techniques from numerous African artists, in order to develop his talents. During these travels, he also learned how to build self-made toys, which still remain artistic.

Stylisitcally, he crafts them with great precision.

Exhibitions include:

Singapore, Abudja (Nigeria), Niamey (Niger), Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) and every year since 1996 in Dakar (Senegal) (DAK’ART Arts Plastiques).



The name of this country tells you straight away where it is located. But who would be able to tell us that its capital is called Bangui? In fact, this country in the heart of the black continent is one of the least known states of the world although it is the size of Germany.

It mainly consists of savannah regions and tropical rainforests. Various exotic animals call the forest regions their home, for example elephants.

The phase of dictatorship from 1966 to 1979 drove the country to the verge of ruin. And yet the Central African Republic needn't necessarily be a poor country. Diamonds, gold, and minerals form the country's fortune.

My bear should emphasize these contrasts: mineral resources on the one hand contrasted to the simple life in the village (see the self-made children's toys) on the other.

The biological diversity (elephants, rhinoceroses, butterflies)and the happiness in this country are reflected by the colourful shading. The main colour yellow symbolizes the sun and gold.

Patrick Pelenzi

Sponsor: UBB-Förderkreis