Artist: Telegozieva Gulmira

* 1970 in Zelinograd (Astana), Republic of Kazakhstan

1986-1990: Studied at the School of Art and Trade in Almaty

1996: Member of Artists' Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan

1997: Took part in exhibition in Gdansk (Poland)

Award Winner in the Artist Competition "Shiger" and "Schabyt"


The sujet contains Kazakh landscapes, the traditional jurte hut, which symbolizes hospitality while also making a reference to Kazakhstan's Nomadic history.

The female figure in saukele (traditional headcovering worn by the bride) depicts youth, hope for a joyous future, and beauty. The running horses symbolize freedom, and the national symbols point to Kazakhstan's independence, readiness for international cooperation, freedom for the people to develop as they choose, as well as peaceful coexistance in the world community.

Gulmira Telegozieva

Sponsor: Botschaft der Republik Kasachstan