Artist: Laila Olofsson

* 1947

1967 Educated teacher Malmö

1970 Drawingstudies for Göte Plahn, Klippan

Since 1979 selected exhibitions in Helsingborg, Ängelhom, Mölle, Göteborg, Båstad, Berlin und Gilleleje (Denmark)



"Mors lilla Olle" - United Buddy Bear from Sweden.

My spontaneous idea was to name the Swedish Buddy Bear after the famous children's song "Mors lilla Olle" by Alice Tegnér. The song is about a little boy, Olle, who is looking for blueberries with his mother in a deep, dense forest. The boy, however, gives all his berries to the bear as a gift.

The song is based on a legend from northern Sweden from the year 1850.

More information can be found at www.algonet.se/-kaxe/.

The bear is wearing a "mid-summer garland" on his head.

Laila Olofsson

Sponsor: Bewag