Artist: Caman Baziz

*1947 Oran, Algeria
Education to art engraver
1979-1983 Studies of graphic art, University of Arts, Berlin, assistance of André Worron
Since 1983 working his own studio in Berlin
Since 2001 several exhibitions


My Buddy Bear represents Barbarossa and al-Kahina. As long as I can think, a drawing by Mohamed Racim showing Barbarossa has been hanging in my parents' house. Instead of fairy tales my father told us stories from the history of Algeria. The most enigmatic and impressive stories were about Barbarossa and al-Kahina. Both fought for freedom and the unity of the various North African tribes. This unity made the North African tribes strong and self-confident in their development.

Both represent tolerance and acceptance, because the more you know about the opposite person, the less you are prepared to attack him or her.

Caman Baziz