Artist: Claudette Griffiths

Born: 1957 in Kingston, Jamaica


1977/78 - School of Art, Kingston

1982-1988 - Hochschule der Künste Berlin

Masters Student under Prof. Lothar Fischer

1995 - Stipend from the Akademie der Künste Berlin

1997 - Stipend from the Senats der Hansestadt Lübeck

1997 - Assistant Professor at the Sommerakademie Hohenaschau, Chiemsee

2001 - Professor at the Thüringische Sommer Akademie, Böhlen


Since 1985 - Diverse Exhibitions in Berlin, Freiburg, München,

Gelsenkirchen, Rosenheim, Salzburg und Köln


I create my pieces according to the Collage principle, i.e. through layering and putting together various materials. I have attempted to recreate the happiness and colour found in Jamaica and her people. The bear gives hints as to what is typical of Jamaica, through collage an writing. Among these are the Jamaican flag, Reggae, or the national motto "Out of many one people"

The bag on the front of the bear is a characteristic of my work, due to my continuing fascination with its form.

Claudette Griffiths

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