Artist: Tamar Dubrovsky

1971, B.F.A. Haifa University

Member of the Israeli Art Association since 1972

Holds an art teaching position at the Vizo Design College, Haifa.


Israel (Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa)

USA (Palo Alto, San Francisco, Brookline)

Deutschland (Wiesbaden, Düsseldorf)

Kroatien (Zagreb)



The United Buddy Bear from Israel is supposed to represent dialogue as well as balance. On one side the color is black - flat, large, and alternately transparent - and on the other side opaque with text - colorful, very rhythmic and complex.

While working many thoughts came to me: the bear, strong and wild, a symbol of viciousness, a predator in the wild, appears as a sweet plaything in this project, a cute teddy bear. It is nice that the predatory, threatening and vicious bear becomes a toy animal -positive, warm, giving, soft; every child's best friend, a toy that sits on every bed, in every children's room around the world.

The bear has changed its skin: it is now a symbol of peace, of innocence, of warmth and love.

Yet humanity, the entire world, still suffer from illness and from cruelty, terror and war. I put a quote from Jeremiah 6:14 and Jeremiah 8:11 on my bear: "Peace, peace, when there is no peace..." - the dream of every mother and every woman that peace, freedom and grace will reign throughout the globe.

Tamar Dubrovski

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