Artist: Fei Che


* 1945 in Bei Jing, China

1998: Raum und Umwelt Kunst-Diplom at the "The artist design of the

central academy" Bei Jing (Peking)

1998: teacher at the Bei Jing Mode Academy

2000: Study of architecture at the Qinghua University, Bei Jing

since 2001: study of architecture at the Düsseldorf Kunstakademie


Just like traditional Chinese art my piece of work is not a self-portrayal but a record of the meditation process. It reflects my appreciation of a generally shared Chinese system of values, the Confucian spirit in the Eastern world.

I have employed only two colours, black and white. They symbolize two basic concepts of Chinese tradition, Yin and Yang (being and non-being). The "Conversations" of Confucius are written on both sides of the bear, in black paint. The black part was equally written on in black, as "being" can be turned into "non-being" just as "Yin" into "Yang". "Non-being" does not necessarily mean "not possessing anything", on the contrary, it is the basis of all "being".

I hope visitors will be able to tell the difference between Chinese and other cultures by having a look at my piece of work.

Che, Fei

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