Artist: Olabissi Alain Kouchalou

* 1966 in Sakete/Benin

Studied in Batik Art Africa Design at „Omens“ and „Forward Trust Textile Designer“.

1997, 1998, 1999 Exhibitions in Benin

International Exhibitions:

1996, 1998: Ouagadongou/Burkina Faso

1998, 1999: Accra/Ghana

2000: Paris and Dourdan/France

2000: Hannover

2001: Paris/France and Groningen/Netherlands



The bear of BENIN is design in several aspects of his "history" and "tradition":

"Tata somba", "Royal chair", "King walking steak", "le cavalier Bariba", "Village of Ganie", "la Jarre trouée", "Egoun".

These are several aspects of BENIN history and tradition which made BENIN one of the most attractive and visited place in tourism.

Each of these aspects can't be explained here now on this page, detail can be fully given to anybody who wants to know about all the different aspects verbally or by writting from the artist himself.

Olabissi Alain Kouchalou