Artist: Zurab Sumbadze

* 1961 in Tbilissi/Georgia

1981-88 Studied at the Art Academy Tbilissi
1979-89 freelance illustrator for several publishers in Georgia
Since 1989 active artistically in Berlin

Exhibitions include: Tbilissi (Georgia), Vienna (Austria), Cadaqués (Spain), Quebec (Canada), Augsburg and Berlin.



The bear has a Georgian fairy tale (The Bear and the Fox) written on it, in Georgian lettering. The Georgian language is part of the Ibero-Caucasian language group; its writing is unique and dates back to the third century. The Georgian alphabet has 33 letters, while no differentiation is made between capital and small letters. Today, Georgian is spoken by roughly 4 million people.

Zurab Sumbadze

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