Artist: Alfredo Fernández y González

* in Bilbao, Spain


1973-79 studied in Madrid, Universidad Complutense

1987 Workshop with painter Jiri Doukopil in the Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid

1989 Work out of Ateliers “Arganzuela 5” in Madrid

1991-94 Freelance artist, working on set design for theatre in Madrid


in León, Madrid, Berlin, Barcelona


"SPUREN - HUELLAS - TRACES" is an artistic-social project whose "human" result affects all of us. A look into the faces of the older people in our society is really our best mirror: in their faces, we see their as well as our age, as much as the reality of aging and the reality of our feelings with respect to aging, for these always leave their mark on the older people.

The societal issue of the project "SPUREN . . ." is to start a discussion and intercultural dialogue, transcending all generations, which deal with individual and social effects of the aging process.

Alfredo Fernández y González

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