Artist: Mona Oren

*1975 Israel

June 2002 Graduated the Ecole national Superieure des Beaux Arts, Paris/France

Assistantships (painting and sculptor) in Paris, New York and Tel Aviv

Several Exhibitions in Paris, New York, Peru, Thailand etc.



The bear I painted is wearing a big flower necklace of red-pink and white roses. On it´s belly I wrote the word "Bear" in Hebrew letters. It is pronounced like the english word "Dove" - the worlwide symbol of peace.

The necklace stands as a symbol of friendship and beauty. In these times of war this is my view of the world - an international gesture of understanding and tolerance between all people.

Mona Oren

Sponsor: Handelsverband LAG - Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Mittel- und Großbetriebe des Einzelhandels Berlin-Brandenburg