Artist: Armand Warin

* 1944 in Lyon

1963 - 1967 travels through distant parts of Europe, Africa, Asia

!968 - 1983 active as Interior Archtect in Paris and in Bretagne

Since 1985 lives and works in Sinsheim (meanwhile three years paris)

Galleries and Museums:

London, Copenhagen, Paris, Bayreuth, Frankfurt am Main, Bad Kösen, Speyer


Once upon a time there was a beautiful country. A country called France - my country. I only need to close my eyes like Marianne and immediately many wonderful images and memories come to mind: The French cockerel, the ancient symbol for the pride of the French people, and the cathedrals and castles from the time of the Great Kings. The Eiffel Tower stands for innovation, the model of creativity and elegance in Parisian fashion. The Moulin Rouge is known for exciting entertainment in the evening, while the French wine is slumbering towards ripeness in deep cellars.

France is a wonderful country full of romance - that's what the lovers from the 13th century stand for - and it is also the country that now belongs to a larger country: Europe. Our country with its tolerance for several languages and cultures, with tolerance to get to know each other better!

Armand Warin

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