Artist: Lore Schmidts

1985 Diploma of Administrative and Marketing Management, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

May 1999, B.F.A. Degree,

Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design; Paiting (varied styles and materials), Sculpture (welding, bronze casting, paper mache), and Art History.


Among other things: Victoria B.C. Canada & Granville Isl.

Vancouver B.C. Canada



The design of Canada's United Buddy Bear is a homage to Canada's mothers. Canada's indigenous cultures revere the bear as a symbol of the mother, she emboies strength and protection. Our bear is covered with a mosaic of broken china pieces, donated by Canadian mothers themselves, reflecting a cross section of our cultural diversity. The mothers of Canada have contributed immensely to the building of our large nation. The self-sacrifice and untiring dedication our mothers have given to the raising of their children, sometimes in the harshest of conditions, often goes overlooked. They deserve more recognition. The labour I have gladly invested in this bear is a mere shadow of the monumental task our mothers have undertaken in sculpting the people who have shaped our nation.

I have always regarded fine china as an appropriate symbol of the mother. Many mothers have donated these intimate little possessions for the "UBB" from Canada, keepsakes, passed on to them by their own mothers. The United Buddy Bear project is about tolerance, peace and brotherly love. This is why we ought to recall what we were taught by our mothers.

Lore Schmidts

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