Artist: Mayra Fernandez de Schäfer

*1952 in Guatemala 
1984 – 1987 Beijing – Studies: Chinese Calligraphy and Painting.
1992 – 1994 Hong Kong – Studies: Chinese Art History. Seminars in Chinese Painting, Calligraphy and Ceramics
1994 – 1997 Bonn – Further studies of Sinology / Chinese Art History, Political Science and History. Final Degree: Master of Arts.
200 – 2003 Caracas, Venezuela – Studies: Visual Arts.



Guatemala, “país de la eterna primavera“: Guatemala, “Land of eternal spring“, as Humboldt called it because of its climate and the breathtaking diversity of its flora. Moreover, Guatemala is also a very diverse country in cultural terms: 22 ethnic groups, whose traditional costumes fill the country with a kaleidoscope of colours, find another expression in Guatemala’s famous textiles. Indian women in colourful traditional costumes are collecting fragrant calla lilies (called “cartuchos” in the country itself) in the highlands, on the shores of brooks and ponds. Their hands, tanned by the sun, bind these flowers together to sell them as magnificent bouquets in the market: “Kartutscho“ is the synthesis of these images from my native country. Guatemala embraces the world with a bouquet of its most beautiful flowers.

Mayra Fernández de Schäfer

Sponsor: Botschaft der Republik Guatemala