Artist: Lubomir Vavro

* 05th December 1972 in Bratislava


The Slovak mentality is described by the famous Slovak general Milan Rastislav Stefanik's life credo: Believe, love, work - for the Slovak people.

Slovakia is a small country in the heart of Europe, protected by the Carpathian Arch and the river Danube.

Bratislava/Pressburg, latin Istropolis, not only is the capital of the country, but also the most important city in Slovakia.

Among the 11 personalities shown on the bear that had a significant influence on the country's culture, language, sovereignty and freedom, are: The brothers Cyrill and Method. In the 9th century they built the foundation for the Slavic script, Christianity and education. In 1843 Ludovit Stur coded the Slovak language. General M.R. Stefanik worked in the fields of politics, diplomacy, science and the army. He fought persistently for the liberation of the oppressed Slovak people.

Alexander Dubcek is an important Slovak politician who in 1968 wanted to implement reforms in the countries of the Eastern bloc.

His programme interrupted military interventions of 5 countries of the Warsaw Treaty.

He had to resign in 1969. After the political changes in 1989 he returned to political life for a short period of time.

Lubomir Vavro

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