Together for peaceful coexistence: Apply now for the 2022 "Buddies for Peace" pupil award

Buddies for Peace Award 2022
Winner 2021 / Dispute Mediators at Grundschule in den Rollbergen

With the annual pupil award for peacable education "Buddies for Peace", the foundation “Bürgerstiftung“ would like to encourage, support and honor initiatives in schools that pay special attention to the question "How can we deal with conflict?".

The award honors projects that are significantly carried out by Berlin students and that support peaceful and non-violent coexistence. The 1st place will be awarded with a 2m Buddy Bear, donated by Buddy Bär Berlin GmbH, which will then be designed and decorated by the pupils as a joint project. Additional prize money is also offered for the first three places.

Schools, theatre projects, dispute resolution initiatives, working groups and / or learning groups can apply until May 31, 2022. Detailed information about the award and the entry criteria can be found on the website of the Bürgerstiftung Berlin.