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expand Artist: Livio de Morais
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I've named my bear Mother Makonde. This is meant to be a homage to the famous sculptures of the Makonde (tribe from the North of Mozambique).
My chosen subject: The thesis by Leo Frobenius in "Passing Rites".
My message: Life, peace, tolerance and freedom.
The passing rites: Birth, initiation, fertility and life hereafter. These aspects dominate the design of my bear in the shape of the woman-mother and wearing her native mask. Mother Makonde has her eyes closed (spirituality) and is pregnant. The foetus is developing until the age of breast-feeding. Her arms also show fertility in the form of birds. On her back the child can rest. This reminds of children's rights and human rights.
The dominant colour is ochre: Symbol of life on earth.
Lívio de Morais

Sponsor: Honorarkonsul Siegfried Lingel, Republik Mosambik und Merkur Bank KGaA, München

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