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Our unique globe is composed by the four elements air, water, fire and earth. The increasing exploitation of our nature and the growing number of wars is an immense threat for our planet. If we want the earth to continue to be worth living on, we have to act quickly, as it's already five to twelve. Representing this apocalypse is Death on the front of my bear.
Man can work against this apocalypse using his heart and his courage. The first commandment should be practising tolerance in dealing with our environment and our fellow human beings. A global human line under the flag of tolerance could be a first and important step towards the common preservation of our planet.
The Alps with the picturesque lake Bled on the back, the beautiful horses of Lipica, the cradle of the thoroughbred Lippizaner horses.
The spectacular grotto of Postojna with the oldest subterranean tourist train in the world.
Kloptec - the wind wheel and the luscious vineyards of Slovenia, which has a wine tradition going back to Roman times. In Maribor a 400 years old vine, the oldest in the world, is still growing. The "Kurent" from the region Ptuj is a carnival figure and a mythical creature from Slovenian mythology. Slovenia is the green treasure of Europe.
Marjan Kekec-Ogradni

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