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expand Artist: Michael Kayode Olasoji & Daphrose Ndakoze
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Our work on the bear is dedicated to the Rwandans for their sense of tolerance and reconciliation. The people of Rwanda are the best example for the "Buddy Bear" initiative. Since the genocide of 1994, Rwanda has become so far a nation, where the victims and slayers live side by side, working to lift their country high and making it a better place for all.
Today, Rwanda is one among the peaceful countries with the best security and low criminality in Africa.
The expression on the backside of the bear is to remember the victims of the 1994 genocide. At the lower part of its back is the Memorial Grave of the victims. The expression "never again is never again" is written in the three main official languages of Rwanda, as the cry of all Rwandans, printed in heaven; so that the sad history should never repeat itself.
Rwanda is a very friendly country. A warm welcome is complemented by comfortable facilities, fine food and rich cultural heritage. This is our presentation at the front side of the bear.
Daphrose Ndakoze & Kayode Micheal Olasoji

Sponsor: Lufthansa AG

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