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The bear provides a surface for painting. Lush abstract painting, like a musical score connected in the minds of the audience forming a comprehensive work. Together, the marks of the score create a form of puzzle where the audience discovers the work through the colorful layers, the plasticity and the structure. The marks, the lines, the brushstrokes, the texture and the energy – all create a dialogue, whether in harmony or in disharmony. An atmosphere is created through the language of painting.
The bear I met in Istanbul became a surface upon which I created a dialogue and balance between the color black - flat, and large, alternately transparent and opaque - and textured areas, colorful, richly rhythmic, and multi-layered. During the work process many thoughts came to my mind. The bear, strong and wild, symbol of viciousness, a predator in the wild, appears in this project as a cute teddy bear, a plaything. It is nice that in a childfs world the predatory, threatening, and vicious bear becomes a toy animal - positive, warm, giving, soft: every baby and childfs best friend, a toy that sits on every bed, in every childfs room around the world.
"Blue Sky From Israel", is a message, send from the blue beautiful sky and sea, in Israel. Blue is the symbol of spirituality, creativity and pureness, that will turn to be the bridge to peace, freedom and friendship to all.
Tamar Dubrovsky

Sponsor: Jüdische Gemeinde zu Berlin

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