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Zoo Osnabrück

From 22 June to 28 July 2019, the United Buddy Bears - The Minis could be seen in Osnabrück Zoo. Here they brought the message of peaceful coexistence to all zoo visitors and took them on a journey around the globe. Each sculpture represented a country of the United Nations, its population, flora and fauna and culture, and was individually designed by an artist of the respective country.

The exhibition was based on the well-known motto of the United Buddy Bears:

"We need to get to know each other better ...,
... then we can understand each other better,
trust more and live better together. "

The exhibition was held on Saturday, June 22, 2019, and opened by Federal President a.D. Christian Wulff and the  Minister of the Interior in Lower Saxony Boris Pistorius. Both politicians gave speeches on "The Art of Tolerance" and emphasized the importance of this principle in these days. Please find the speech of Mr. Pistorius here (in German).

About 100 invited guests took part in the festive opening ceremony, including representatives from politics and business.Seventy guests had donated 2,500 EUR: 2,000 Euros (in total: 140.000 Euros) went to the enlargement of the lion's enclosure and 500 Euros (in total: 35.000 Euros) to "Eine Zukunft für Kinder" ("A future for Children), the foundation of children's ambassador John McGurk.

Read the zoo's detailed press release about the opening ceremony and exhibition here (in German).

Impressions of the opening ceremony

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Buddy Bear-Auction at the Children's Charity Gala 2019

On November 23d, 2019 the second Osnabrücker "Kindergala" took place. 250 guests had followed the invitation of child ambassador and donor John McGurk and Zoo Osnabrück and had purchased tickets for the gala.

At the festive event in the Alando Ballhaus, charity awards were presented in the categories regional, national and international.

Representatives of the SOS Children's Villages received a donation check for 35,000 Euros. In addition, an auction took place, in which two 1 m large Buddy Bears each brought in 4,200 Euros.

Overall, the auction raised more than 25,000 Euros. The yield of the Gala is firstly a help to the foundation "Future for Children" and secondly to the Zoo Osnabrück.

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