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Buddy Bears for Science

In 2005 the first “Science Buddy Bear“ was unveiled. Since then, the Buddy Bär Berlin GmbH and the TU Berlin have worked together on some exciting projects.

Buddy Bears for science

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The Matheon-Bear:

At the DFG Research Centre Matheon (Mathematics for key technologies) a 2-metre tall Buddy Bear was scanned and used to research “concurrent images“ of geometric, two-dimensional figures on curved three-dimensional surfaces.

DFG Research Centre calculates the optimum positioning of the “United Buddy Bears“:  

What is the optimum set-up for 137 Buddy Bears to create a closed oval – preferably without leaving any gaps? This was the problem when setting up the exhibition of “United Buddy Bears“ on Karlsplatz in Vienna. The base plates of the bears with their different shapes are perfectly suited to form circles. However, it is difficult to create an oval without mathematic know-how. Thilo Rörig from MATHEON wrote a computer programme to present the ideal solution for the problem.

The concrete Buddy Bear

Three students of Civil Engineering at the Technical University Berlin - Jeldrik Mainka, Philipp Schüler and Lars Paulat - have created the first Buddy Bear made of concrete. Inspired by the TU Professor Dr.-Ing. Bernd Hillemeier's lectures, they have worked on the bear for one year, using five different types of concrete - with the core made of translucent concrete. It now weighs over a ton.



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