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St. Gallen and the Buddy Bears: Auction in aid of the “Schlupfhuus“

The “Bearnissage“ in St. Gallen attracted many visitors who were delighted with the exhibition.
Auction of Buddy Bears at the exhibition centre in St. Gallen

In May 2005, 75 Buddy Bears were welcomed enthusiastically at a “bearnissage“ in St. Gallen. In 2005 and 2006, the bears – designed by artists from the regions - were a remarkable feature of the cityscape from spring to autumn - as a “beary” tribute to the heraldic animal of St. Gallen and ambassadors for a peaceful coexistence.

Right at the beginning, Walter Tobler, the initiator of the Buddy Bear campaign in St. Gallen, proudly presented a cheque of SFr 30,000 (approx. € 20,000) to the Femotion Bärenfond in aid of the “Schlupfhuus". For every sold bear in St. Gallen, 399 Swiss francs were donated to the children’s hospital.

At the end of the Buddy Bear campaign “St. Gallen bärenstark“, some of the bears were sold at an auction. The proceeds of SFr 64,000 – approximately € 40,000 – were also in aid of the “Schlupfhuus", the emergency accommodation of the children’s hospital in St. Gallen.


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