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Mongolia at the Tierpark Berlin

Last Friday, August 27, 2021, we had the great pleasure of hosting a Mongolian celebration at the Tierpark Berlin. The occasion was the unveiling of a new United Buddy Bear  for the Asian country. It was designed by the artist Dolgor Ser-Od for her home country.

The musicians and a dancer from the Khukh Mongol folklore group provided a fitting and highly atmospheric setting, carrying the visitors away to the far reaches of the country with their sounds and traditional costumes. The invited guests, press representatives as well as visitors of the Tierpark received further insights into the different facets of the Mongolian culture by short speeches of Dr. Udo Haase, president of the German Mongolian society, and the zoological director of the Tierpark, Christian Kern. The unveiling ceremony was performed by Dr. Klaus Herlitz, initiator of the United Buddy Bears, a representative of the Mongolian Embassy together with Dr. Haase as well as lawyer Dr. Bärlein, from the side of the sponsor.

We would like to thank the German-Mongolian Society, the law firm Danckert, Bärlein, Sättele Rechtsanwälte, the Berliner Sparkasse and the Tierpark Berlin. They made it possible that this beautiful bear could be created and welcomed into the circle of the United Buddy Bears in an atmospheric setting.

For more photos please to refer to the exhibition page.


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