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Little and big cultural ambassadors in Shanghai - a Buddy Bear project

On the initiative of the Consulate General Shanghai, 13 talented students from grades 5, 6, 7 and 10 of the German School Shanghai Yangpu painted 10 Buddy Bear miniatures with Chinese and German motifs under the guidance of the local art teacher.

It is precisely this connection between the two countries that the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Shanghai was and is committed to fostering. From now on, the Buddy Bears will serve as a gift when employees of the consulate meet with representatives of the host country China.

The ceremonial handover of the little cultural ambassadors took place in mid-June. The students presented the Buddy Bears to the Permanent Representative of the Consulate General, Thomas Triller, on the residence grounds in the presence of their art teacher and the principal of the German School Shanghai.

All this took place with the 2m tall "Embassy Bear" in the background. This one had been ceremoniously unveiled in China's largest metropolis a few months ago.

The consulate said, "An event full of optimism and connection, with the young female artists and the Buddy Bears as silent but shining cultural ambassadors at the center."


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