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Great Bearnissage at St. Gallen

"Allez hop bears! Allez hop Sanggalle!" - City councillor Fredy Brunner called into the microphone - and the echo was exactly the same: With great enthusiasm St. Gallen welcomed the 75 Buddy Bears introduced at the Bearnissage in the market square on 21st May 2005.
The initiator of the St. Gallen event "Bärenstark" was the restaurant owner Walter Tobler, who had seen the Buddy Bears in Berlin and came to the conclusion: We can also do this in St. Gallen.
In 2005 and 2006, 75 Buddy Bears designed by regional artists decorated the small and larger streets of St. Gallen: As a “beary” homage to the heraldic animal of this beautiful Swiss city and as ambassadors for living together in peace.
Right at the inauguration event, Walter Tobler was able to proudly present a cheque of SFr30,000 to the Femotion Bärenfond in aid of the "Schlupfhuus", as 399 Swiss francs per sold bear were donated to this centre for the protection of children.
At the end of all “St. Gallen Bärenstark” activities, several Buddy Bears were sold at an auction in 2006. The proceeds of SFr64,000 (or approx. €40,000) were also in aid of the “Schlupfhuus”, the emergency shelter of the children’s hospital in St. Gallen.

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