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On Wednesday, 12th November 2008, several Buddy Bears were sold at an auction in the Breuninger-Passage (Stuttgart) for the benefit of children in need.

At the end of the evening, the auction proceeds had reached the total of €79.970 with UNICEF, the Buddy Bear Help e.V. and the local charitable foundation Agapedia gGmbH (Stuttgart) as the beneficiaries. Before the start of the auction, Breuninger had presented a cheque in the amount of €2.000 to UNICEF.

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One of the 2m tall bears was a particular auction highlight: Entirely made of stainless steel by Shanghai Krupp Stainless, it is a very massive bear with a smooth, shiny surface and a very precious look. It attracted the highest bid of the evening and was bought for €34.000.00.

Around 150 guests from the world of business, sports and culture as well as Breuninger clients and friends of the United Buddy Bears had been invited to the auction. Together with the initiators from the Buddy Bär Berlin GmbH, Dr Klaus Herlitz and Eva Herlitz, the managing partner of Breuninger, Willem G. van Agtmael and Willy Oergel, member of the Breuninger management board, Monica Lierhaus, presenter of the ARD-Sportschau and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador as well as Regine Stachelhaus - UNICEF’s new German managing director from 1st January 2009 - attended the event.

The Buddy Bears – between 35cm and 2m tall – were all designed by international artists. They had already attracted a lot of public attention in the capital of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg once before. During four weeks in the summer, the Stuttgart Schlossplatz had been the site of an exhibition  showing a selection of the 2m tall Buddy Bears.


We would like to thank each successful bidder, who helps children in need whit it!

Many thanks to all our partners and supporters: Many thanks to Breuninger, many thanks to the managing partner, Mr. Willem G. van Agtmael, as well as Mr. Willy Oergel, member of the management. Many thanks to the auctioneer Ms. Julia Theurkauf, to the moderator and UNICEF-Ambassador Monica Lierhaus, to the Ms. Dr. Claudia Hübner, representiv of the Land Government Baden-Württemberg, to the law office Severin and of course many thanks to all of the involved artists.

List of Buddy Bears which were auctioned off

I. Large Buddy Bears (2 m tall Dancer and Friends)

Object I-11

Stainless Steel Buddy Bear **


Object I-1

United Buddy Bear POLAND II (*)
Artist: Ela Wozniewska

more about the bear



Object I-2

United Buddy Bear SWITZERLAND III (*)
Artist: Herbert Buchs

more about the bear


Object I-3

United Buddy Bear JUGOSLAVIA (*)
Artist: Mirko Ognjanovic

more about the bear


Object I-5

United Buddy Bear SPECIAL (Kitzbühel) (*)
Artist: Prof. Ernst Insam

more about the bear


Object I-6

Artist: Joint project of several
United Buddy Bear artists



Object I-7

Breuninger Buddy Bear (*)

artist: Poala Schenone-Scheiding


Object I-8

(Model Friend large;
on 4 legs)  (**)
Artist: Andrej Bitter (Russia)


Object I-9

Buddy Bear SPRING (Model Friend large;
on 4 legs)  (**)
Artist: Klio Karadim (Bulgaria)


Object I-10

Buddy Bear Forest (Model Friend large;
on 4 legs)  (**)
Artist: Marina Bitter (Russia)


II. 1 m tall Buddy Bears (**)

Object II-1

Artist: Eva Herlitz 



Object II-2

Buddy Bear Häubchen (**)
Artist: Rosine Schlickum
(German artist who lived in Australia
for many years)


Object II-3

Buddy Bear "New Zealand" (**)
Artist: Peter Hoffmann (Newzealand)


Object II-4

Buddy Bear "La Diferencia" (**)
Artist: Furat Al Jamil (Iraq)


Object II-5

The blue penny (**)
Artist: Jochem George (artist alternating
between Germany and Mauritius)


Object II-6

Artist: Eva Herlitz 


Object II-7

Artist: Eva Herlitz 


Object II-8

Artist: Eva Herlitz 

Object II-9

Buddy Bear GOLDEN LIGHT (**)
Artist: Eva Herlitz 

Object II - 10

Buddy Bear "Tusnelda" (**)
Artist: Rosine Schlickum

Small Buddy Bears (35 cm) (**)

Object III-1

Nancy Torres (**)
Artist: Nancy Torres (Kuba)


Object III-2

Buddy Bear "Sabhia Karden" (**)
Artist: Sabhia Karden (Syrien)


Object III-3

Buddy Bear "Winter Dreaming"
Artist: J. Karasinski



Object III-4

Buddy Bear "Brandenburg Gate" (**)
Artist: Kani Alavi (Iran)


Object III-5

Buddy Bear "Pegasus" (**)
Artist: Andrej Bitter jun. (Russia)


Object III-6

Christmas Buddy Bear (**)
Artist: Ute Faber


III. Additional Buddy Bear objects at the auction

Autograph by Sir Peter Ustinov *

Object IV

Authentic signature by the
UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador
Sir Peter Ustinov on a postcard ,
framed with photos (*)



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