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Colourful is Better - A Swiss Bear in Berlin

On June 8 2018, a Buddy Bear was painted in the style of Paul Klee in an art action with high-ranking politicians at the Swiss Embassy in Berlin.

The painting, which took place under the artistic direction of the "Zentrum Paul Klee" in Berne, was celebrated with a large festival, at which – for Berlin’s government district rather unuasual – alphorns also sounded.

Under the motto "bunt ist besser" (“colourful is better”) the following politicias picked up the paintbrush at the Swiss Embassy (from left to right): Christoph Neuhaus, District President of the Canton of Berne; Christine Schraner Burgener, former Swiss Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany; Alec von Graffenried, Mayor of Berne; Michael Müller, President of the German Federal Council and Governing Mayor of Berlin; and the Swiss ambassador a.i. Viktor Vavricka.

You can find more picutures of the art event and the international celebration at the Swiss Embassy on the website of


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