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Bear(l)in Love

Every Buddy Bear is unique and something special. Yet, once in a while there is a bear that stands out. The female electricity bear “Strombärin” by Ingrid Mühlhauser is such a specimen. It is the counterpart to the blue, luminous electricity bear "Strombär", which already caused fascination a couple of years ago. 

After a long period of development, the bear was unveiled at the beginning of 2018. Since then she delights passers-by, staff and visitors in front of the Stromnetz Berlin building.

Ingrid Mühlhauser explains the concept behind this bear as follows: Analogous to the male bear, a segment of the high voltage network of Berlin is applied on the surface of the sculpture. This part is illuminated by LEDs, installed on the inside. The application of stronger ring-like lines symbolizes the pulsation of energy. The thunderbolt, as the highest form of energy, channels the energy into the network through the blinking of the left eye. With this, the female bear symbolically fuels and supports her companion.
The “Strombärin” not only blinks with the eye, she also gives kisses, which is why Ingrid Mühlhauser named the overall concept of this Buddy Bear “Bear(l)in Love”.

This bear currently shines in front of Berlin’s Eichenstraße 3A. Later it will be set up at the TU – Technische Universität Berlin.

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