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The Buddy Bear Painting Competition: A Review

From 1st December 2017 until 7th January 2018 the United Buddy Bears have been in their hometown of Berlin on the square Walter-Benjamin-Platz. Directly at the square Buddy Bear Berlin hosted a temporary atelier, where artists such as Klio Karadim and Valeriu Kurtu painted Buddy Bears, musicians and dancers from Haiti and Namibia performed and even an Ethopian coffee ceremony was held. But above all, children were painting there. Pens and colouring sheets were ready to hand and thus the little visitors could start immediately to paint Buddy Bears according to their own ideas – inspired by the international exhibition just outside.

Buddy Bear Berlin had called for a painting competition held together with Deutsche Bank and received more than 300 designs painted by big and little participants, by Berliners and visitors of the capital. 300 individual and creative ideas!

Thus, it came as no surprise that the jury had a hard time deciding who should be the winner in each of the three age groups. The amazing prizes were for example a workshop with the orchestra “Berliner Philharmoniker” or a visit to the exhibition of Turkish artist Fahrelnissa Zeid – with the whole school class. Just like the United Buddy Bears, this competition was about standing together hand in hand. Each pupil had the chance to achieve something or rather win something for his whole class. And not only three prizes were awarded as announced before: While looking through all the beautiful designs, Deutsche Bank decided to award prizes to a boy and a girl in each of the three age groups.

We are happy for Olivia and Roman, for Milana and Ali as well as for Josephine and Benno and their class mates. We hope they all have a great time with their class workshops. Furthermore, we want to thank all the participants and little artists who gave us such a pleasure with their Buddy Bears and made it so hard to decide, which design should win the prize.

Once again we want to thank Deutsche Bank for these fantastic prizes and iden as well as Pelikan for providing this competition with the material needed.


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