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Germany Moves to Shut Down Most of Public Life. We thank the physicians, nurses, fire brigades, the paramedics and all other people who are now there...

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La Plaza de la Amistad - Friendship Square

On February 14, 2020, a new place was inaugurated in Guatemala City. It was given the name “Plaza de la Amistad” - Friendship Square. The Guatemalan...

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Buddy Bears for young athletes

The 17-year-old canoeist Lena Röhlings from the Sportclub Berlin-Grünau wins the most important junior award in Berlin sports ahead of the modern...

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Buddy Bears for Smart Pupils

On January 24th, the award ceremony for the competition "Math makes it possible! - Save the world with the elves” took place at TU Berlin. Two school...

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A New Buddy Bear for Children!

This beautiful Buddy Bear was created exclusively for the new movie DOLITTLE. Leading actor, co-producer and Hollywood star Robert Downey Jr....

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