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Guatemala 2019

Eva and Klaus Herlitz and their United Buddy Bears were welcomed with fireworks.

As a world premiere, the United Buddy Bears are in Central America!

From April 25 to May 12, 2019, our "bearish country representatives" stood together in the World Heritage City of Antigua in Parque Central's Plaza Mayor. 

From May 17 to June 2, the United Buddy Bears present their message of tolerance and international understanding at Guatemala City's Cultural Festival on the Plaza de la Constitución.

"For the first time, the United Buddy Bears exhibition will bring a world-class cultural event to Central America," says Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Guatemala, Harald Klein. "About 40 million people have already experienced this event on five continents". At the Ambassador's suggestion, it came to the invitation of the bears to Central America.

In fact, the United Buddy Bears have only been to the closer and wider surroundings of Central America: to the Caribbean in Cuba (HAVANNA 2015) and to South America - Chile (SANTIAGO DE CHILE 2015), Argentina (BUENOS AIRES 2009) and Brazil (RIO DE JANEIRO 2014).

"Whenever the bears visit a city," Ambassador Klein says, “the city changes." Harald Klein speaks from experience, because he was Consul General of the German Mission in Rio de Janeiro in 2014 - also during the Football World Cup - therefore he knows about the enormous attraction of the exhibition by heart.

Each of the 2m large sculptures represents a country of the United Nations and was designed by an artist of the respective country. The United Buddy Bear that represents Guatemala, received its garment from the Guatemalan artist Mayra Fernández de Schäfer in 2006. "Kartutscho", which means "land of eternal spring", has already participated in many exhibitions.

Some bears appear for the first time: the bear of Nigeria, created by the artist Isamuko Rotimi Isaiah, shows up in a totally new dress. Furthermore, a bear from Guatemala's neighbor country Belize is part of the two exhibitions as a world premiere.

With the exhibition in Antigua another new bear for Guatemala joined the exhibition. Watch this video about his artist, Darwin Osiel Martínez, and his painting.


Impressions of the exhibition in Guatemala City

On Saturday, May 18th at 5:30 pm, the United Buddy Bears exhibition in Guatemala's capital was ceremoniously opened by Harald Klein, the German ambassador to Guatemala, and Ricardo Quiñónez, the mayor of the city. The interest for the bears from 144 countries was again overwhelming. Look for yourself:


The inauguration ceremony of the exhibition in Guatemala City

The United Buddy Bears exhibition at Guatemala City's Plaza de la Constitución began on May 17 with the inauguration of the cultural festival  Paseo de la Sexta and a concert at the Concha Acústica (The Music Shell). An 8-year-old pianist and a children's choir fascinated the guests from all over the world and invited the crowd to sing along with folkloric songs. When the United Buddy Bears and their team were greeted by the German ambassador, many guatemaltan guests waved German flags to welcome them.

On May 18th, the whole evening ceremony focussed on the country bears and the art of tolerance. German Ambassador Harald Klein, Mayor Ricardo Quiñónez and Eva Herlitz gave speeches on the topic of international understanding and peaceful coexistence. Mr. Quiñónez announced that he wanted to establish a place of tolerance in the city.

Particularly festive moments of the opening ceremony were a fireworks display, the singing of the national anthem and the unveiling of the new guatemaltan Buddy Bear. Watch the video here (about 30 minutes).

Subsequently, a large number of guests visited the cathedral, where a classical concert was given, which could be followed live on TV (Guatevisión).

After the concert, the auction of Guatemalan paintings took place in favor of a neurological pediatric clinic: About 7000 dollars could be donated to the hospital. The fundraiser for needy children is always part of the United Buddy Bears exhibitions.


Impressions of the Opening Ceremony in ANTIGUA

On Thursday, April 25, at 5 pm, the 33rd United Buddy Bears exhibition was opened in Guatemala's former capital Antigua, by Harald Klein, the German ambassador to Guatemala, and Susana Asencio Lueg, the city's mayor. The inventors of the United Buddy Bears, Eva and Dr. Klaus Herlitz, attended the occasion and, together with their 149 bears, carried on the art of tolerance and international understanding. Many residents and tourists flocked to the Plaza Mayor in the Parque Central to be part of this premiere in Central America. 

Please click on the following link to find  the Greeting of the Foreign Minister of Guatemala (in Spanisch)

From left to right: Floridalma Carillo (Presenter), Harald Klein (German Ambassador in Guatemala), Mayra Fernández de Schäfer (Artist of "Kartutscho", the bear of Guatemala), Eva and Klaus Herlitz (Inventors of the United Buddy Bears).
Bears and people from all over the world gathering in front of the Captain General Palace (Palacio de los Capitanes Generales).
Bears and people from all over the world gathering around the fountain at Plaza Mayor, where the bears of Guatemala and Germany are unveiled.
In the front: Stage for the opening ceremony and the live music band at night.
In the back: the Cathedral of Santiago (Catedral de Santiago).


Unveiling of the bears of Guatemala and Germany in ANTIGUA

Please click on the following link to see a video of the unveiling (in Spanish): https://www.facebook.com/prensalibregt/videos/1995459770566408/


The moment of the unveiling starts in a moment...
Here they come...
Applaus for the bears of Guatemala and Germany.
The artist of Guatemala's bear, Mayra Fernández de Schäfer, explains why she colored and named the bear with "Kartuscho" (Spanish: Cartucho) - a flower from Guatemala.
This is Laura, 19 years old, from Munich, Germany! She studies Spanish in one of Antigua's Spanish Schools.
The bear of Guatemala and Germany, hand-in-hand.

Sponsors and Partners

The exhibition owes its origin and the possibility to be visited all over the world completely free of charge to the committed work of many institutions, organisations, administrative bodies, companies and individuals.

For supporting the exhibitions of the United Buddy Bears in Antigua and Guatemala City in 2019 we want to thank:


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