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Bears for a Better World

When humans meet bears they do not always get off lightly. They are better off respecting the towering teddy and not daring to tease him. lt is thus all the more amazing that Eva and Klaus Herlitz managed to travel the world with more than one-hundred bears, none of them smaller than two meters. They started in Berlin and travelled to Hong Kong, Istanbul and Seoul - to mention just a few of their destinations.

It is probably the relaxed and friendly nature of these creatures who have absolutely no intention to hassle anyone. Au contraire: The "United Buddy Bears" are a colourful bunch of bears that prefer to be adored just standing there paw in paw. Their mission is promoting better|international understanding. And for this goal they have travelled 50,000 sea miles and 10,000 kilometres. It is clear to see that these bears are deeply determined.

Instead of a wispy bearskin, each of them wears a colourful outfit that is made by a local artist and that befits their parlicular home country. The motto is "Me need to get to know each other so we can understand our neighbours and live happily together." And with this motto the 142 "United Buddy Bears" represent single member states of the United Nations. Each bear is an ambassador of his country. To take a walk around the group of travelling bears is to take a symbolic jouriiey around the globe. But only being admired is not enough. Ort November 7th, 2006, a group of bears spontaneous decided to have themselves sold in an auction at the Marriot Hotel in Berlin. They were joined by their patron and UNICEF ambassador Ralf Bauer as well as Buddy Bear ambassador Dennenesch Zoude. The proceeds of 66,733 euros will go to UNICEF's "Schools for Africa" project and the "Heart surgery for children in La Paz" project by the Buddy Bear Help organisation.|The auction is onlv one of very many past and future activities of Buddy Bear, which always seeks to help children in need. To date, UNICEF projects as well as local charity organizations have collected 1.2 million euros. A "bearish" achievement!


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