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United Buddy Bears Exhibition


When: 8th March – 5th April 2006

Information: “We have to get to know each other better… …it helps us understand one another better, trust each other more, and live together more peacefully.” United Buddy Bears Motto|What is the United Buddy Bears Exhibition?

• The United Buddy Bears exhibition consists of 124 life-size Buddy Bears each representing a member state of the United Nations

• Each Buddy Bear has been painted by an international artist in the spirit of their own country of origin

• The exhibition travels the world promoting peaceful co-existence, tolerance and international understanding amongst nations and to raise money for children in need

How did the United Buddy Bears project begin? |• The first Buddy Bear exhibition appeared in Berlin in 2001

• The exhibition was so popular that its founders Mr. and Mrs. Herlitz decided to use the Berlin Buddy Bears for a unique global project promoting solidarity, peace and understanding – ‘The United Buddy Bears’

What has the exhibition achieved so far?

• To date, the United Buddy Bears exhibition has raised in excess of one million Euros – approximately 1.5 million Australian dollars

• Since its inception the exhibition has visited Berlin, Kitzbühel, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Tokyo and Seoul and now Sydney

• The Buddy Bears have drawn huge crowds in each of the cities visited so far and enjoyed the support of famous believers in the project such as Jackie Chan, the late Sir Peter Ustinov, the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Horst Köhler and the Prime Minister of Japan, Junchirô Koizumi

About the bears

• Each Buddy Bear stands 200cm tall, 120cm wide and 80cm deep and weighs approximately 50kg

• The Buddy Bears are made from glass-fibre enhanced synthetic material and are sealed with a special UV varnish

• The bears are transported in individual crates that require five men to pack and it takes six men to unpack and install each bear in the exhibition

• Additional onsite activities will include: performances for children, a schools drawing competition and the auction of special Buddy Bears to raise money for UNICEF Australia

Venue: The exhibition will be displayed along the western pedestrian walk at Circular Quay from the Overseas Passenger Terminal to the forefront of the Museum of Contemporary Art

Price: FREE

Bookings: N/A


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