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United Buddy Bears

We have to get to know each other better...

...so we can better understand each other, trust each other more, coexist better... - These thoughts promted the idea of the "United Buddy Bears"

In a prominent location - next to the Brandenburg Gate - a circle of approximately 150 upright Buddy Bears will be formed. Hand-in-hand. Each bear represents a country with diplomatic relations to the Federal Republic of Germany. The circle is a symbol of peaceful coexistance and promotes tolereance.

The circle will be approximately 60 metres in diameter and is likely to receive worldwide attention.

Each bear is an individual piece of art. The arts are linking people throughout the world. Each participating country will have its bear painted by one of their national artists.

Many of those artists, who have al ready completed their national bear, felt it appropriate to include characteristics of their country in their artistic design. These will stimulate the curiosity of the on-lookers to find out more about the country concerned.

The "Initiative Toleranz e.V." (tolerance initiative) in the German Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt) aligns with and supports this project.

The event will happen from June until the end of November 2002.

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